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Woodland Palace, Francis Park

Woodland Palace is an incredible find off the beaten path.  You will find this unusual home was built way ahead of its time and is filled with engineering wonders. Learn about the man who built and lived in the home…Fred Francis, a Leonardo da Vinci-like man, was an artist, poet, inventor, builder, mathematician, engineer, and a nudist. Fred started to build the home in 1890 and worked on it for the next 36 years. It features hand carved molding, a water purification system, and is the first house in the state of Illinois to have air-conditioning without the aid of electricity. View the sophisticated achievements of disappearing windows, doors, and more. Visit a home where everything seems to work in harmony. Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for kids 12 and under.

Fred Francis Woodland PalaceWoodland Palace Inside Kewanee Illinois Woodland Palace Kewanee Illinois

29862 North 900 Avenue, Kewanee, Illinois
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