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Outdoor Beauty Hennepin Canal State Park

Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park offers outdoor beauty. Travel along the 104.5-mile water and multi-purpose trail joining the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers for a nature retreat.

The tree-lined park is a refuge with prairie restorations and wetlands slicing through corn corn and soybean farmland.  Home to diverse fauna, it has become a favorite for bird watchers and prairie enthusiasts.  It offers numerous year-round opportunities to boat, hike, bike, fish, ride horseback, snowmobile, ice skate and cross-country ski.

The Hennepin trail system includes 91 miles of surfaced trail for bicycles, 73 miles of equestrian trails, 172 miles of hiking trails and 90 miles of snowmobile trails. The Hennepin Canal is part of the 450-mile Grand Illinois Trail and a forms a segment of the northern Illinois route of the 6,800-mile coast to coast American Discovery Trail.

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