Kewanee Hog Days – It’s Pig Time!

Kewanee Hog Days – It’s Pig Time!
August 29, 2016 Admin

Kewanee Hog Days means the final holiday weekend of summer is fast approaching. How will you make the most of the extra-long Labor Day weekend before the sun sets on summer?

Consider a porky pastime, the 62nd Annual Kewanee Hog Days. As the world’s largest outdoor pork barbeque, the weekend long celebration serves over 30,000 butterfly chops and pork burgers, prepared on custom made 24 foot long grills. While taking in the mouth-watering scent of burning charcoal and sizzling cuts of fresh meat is a vacation all of its own, there is plenty more to do at the festivities.

Kicking off Friday September 2, Hog Days features a wide variety of activities and entertainment for the whole family.

The Hog Days Stampede: The Hog Days Stampede celebrates health and fitness, regardless of skill or ability level. So whether you’re a competitive racer seeking the first place prize or a casual jogger looking for a high-five across the finish line, the stampede is the perfect way to start a Hog Days experience. Bring friends, family, strollers, wheelchairs or crutches and take the one or four mile journey at your speed.

Model T & Model A Rally: Most recently, the road rally included over 40 classic car entries. Spectators can peek at history and American car culture. The entry fee is only $10 for antique vehicles and the event is completely free for spectators.

Fly-In Breakfast: Back in 1973, the Kewanee Day Care Center searched for a fundraiser for the organization. The Kewanee Municipal Airport just completed construction and a brilliant idea developed: serve a pancake breakfast at the airport and people could “fly-in” for fresh pancakes. Although the day care doesn’t operate the breakfast anymore, people still keep coming back for pancakes and the chance to get up close to various aircraft and even adventure on a helicopter ride.

Hog Wallow Classic: Now in its 31st year, the Hog Wallow Classic volleyball tournament separates itself from other tournaments with a unique addition to the competition, MUD! Teams square off in 12 to 15 inches of mud and compete for the championship.

The Kewanee Hog Days also features the Pork Cook-Off Showdown, live entertainment and carnival staples, including a Ferris wheel, cotton candy and funnel cakes.

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