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Wine & Beer Will Keep You Here

Wine & Beer Will Keep You Here
April 3, 2018 Admin

Enjoying a glass of wine or beer is usually a simple pleasure, but if you come to Henry County to experience them, such pleasures, while simple, is anything but ordinary. Here you can walk the vineyard where your glass of wine was once a cluster of grapes, and you can visit the place where grains and hops and other good things become beer.

Local is where it’s at

Henry County has plenty of places that serve delicious drinks and three destinations where these delicious drinks come to life. We’re proud to be the home of one winery and two beer breweries.

Wine all afternoon

You can make an afternoon of your visit to Lavender Crest Winery in Colona. First, enjoy lunch with the wine of your choice – they have a good variety of their own wines to choose from. You can also do a wine-tasting. Then take a tour of their wine production facility. After your indulgences, their beautiful grounds offer a nice place to get in a relaxing and peaceful stroll. Observe the vineyard, the gazebos, and the many flower gardens. The winery is located in a beautiful country setting. Then, before you leave, visit the gift shop for chocolates, wine gifts – and, of course, more wine to take home. Wines include award-winning varieties such as Ritt’s Reserve, a full-bodied red; Catch of the Day, a dry white wine; and Jubilee, described as “reminiscent of biting into a slice of your grandma’s cherry pie.”

Something is brewing

There’s always something good brewing in Henry County’s two breweries! It could be local music, it could be local food, it could be a brewery tour. Whether you just want to taste some good local beer or you want a whole meal and a tour, you’ll walk away from Henry County with a new appreciation for the art of brewing.

Geneseo Brewing Company offers both ales and lagers in its small neighborhood brewery in historic downtown Geneseo. The business first opened in 1884, and the current owners began rebuilding the tradition in 2014. There’s a full menu besides their beer menu – which contains such possibilities as Can’t Decide, an American pale ale; Yep Yep, an American IPA, and Schaarski + Nuts, a Czech dark lager.

Lionstone Brewery & Gastropub in Geneseo keeps both its beer and food local. Professional brewers and a professional chef make a visit to this destination about much more than just downing a glass of suds and a burger. Large viewing windows are designed to give patrons a view of the brewery and their pizza bar. Beers include the Hefeweizen, Savage IPA and Peanut Butter Back 40 Wheat Ale. Ask them about their Brewhouse Workouts!

Whatever attractions bring you to Henry County, visits to our local breweries and winery are a must!