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Embrace Winter

Embrace Winter
December 20, 2018 Admin
winter shot of a canal

Chill with us in Henry County

Henry County doesn’t depend on spring flowers, summery green trees or autumn’s changing colors for its beauty. Winter here brings snowy fields, stark forests, and frozen waterways. Whether you favor cold-weather outdoor fun or prefer toasty indoor visits to our cultural amenities, you can follow up with warming drinks and hearty meals.

group of people clinking wine glasses together over a table of food
man ice fishing
3 patrons on snowmobiles

Embrace winter

Seek the wildlife in the quiet winter woods, including eagles swooping down to feed on open water. The Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park and Johnson Sauk Trail offer great opportunities for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing. Human footprints won’t be the only ones you see when you hit the snowy, wooded trails. Be on the lookout for rabbit, raccoon, deer, bird and other wildlife tracks.

Take time for history

Winter is an ideal time to enjoy some history, arts, and culture. Our museums and historical landmarks will take you back in time.

steam engine train with number eight on the front
Bishop Hill Colony store

Indulge your inner country gal or guy

Whether you’re buying gifts for someone else or for yourself, you’ll enjoy all the unique finds waiting for you when you indulge in country-style shopping. What’s your pleasure? Vintage and antique items? Art? Hand-crafted conversation pieces? Gourmet goodies? Or just the perennial pleasure of a new outfit or shoes? If you’re looking for the same-old, same-old, we’re sorry; you’re going to find a lot of unexpected surprises here instead.

Taste the winter goodness

Nothing revs up the appetite like outdoor winter activities, and Henry County has many great eateries. The already delicious offerings will be doubly appealing. Go for something hearty, and consider a warming drink afterward. Even if your activities have been limited to things like shopping and hitting museums, you’ll want to take a hot chocolate break or maybe have some steaming hot coffee and pastries.

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