Henry County is the cure for cabin fever

As you travel the back roads, you’ll notice the snow-covered fields create their own unique beauty and atmosphere. Come see the stark, quiet majesty of the winter woods as experienced by entering places only accessible from the back roads.


Dance with Nature
After the holidays are over and snow continues to gather on the ground, a change of scenery may be in order for many to escape the winter blues. Embrace the white wintry scenery and crisp winter days of Henry County to watch wildlife roam, eagles swoop, or captivating winter sunsets. We encourage you to also make your way to the Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park or Johnson Sauk Trail for snowmobiling and ice fishing.


Ride the snow
Looking for snowy adventures? We’ve got them! With the longest snowmobile trail in Illinois — the 91-mile tow path along the Hennepin — we’re the ideal place to explore via snowmobile. Make tracks toward the snowy roads of Colona to access the Hennepin Canal Trails. Rules require the presence of 6” of frost and 4” of snow in order to run your snowmobile on the canal. Check out our Colona Illinois Snowmobile Map for more information. Cross-country skiing and ice fishing are other winter favorites.


Warm right up
Of course, after a day out in the cold outdoors, you’ll have a healthy appetite, a desire to warm up, and maybe a taste for a drink of something special. There are plenty of great places that are easily accessible from the trail!