Outdoor Recreation & Nature

Note:  Please contact the individual destination for details on adjusted hours, changes in amenities or activities, mask requirements and group size restrictions, and safety protocols.

Enchantment all around you

When you take the back roads, nature is all around you. Whether you enjoy experiencing nature by foot, bike, boat or snowmobile, you’ll enjoy the season’s landscape. Spring’s wildflowers, summer’s profusion of green, autumn’s changing colors or winter’s stark beauty are all equally enchanting. Two of our best-known outdoor attractions are the Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park and the Johnson Sauk Trail State Park, but don’t stop there. We have a wide variety of additional enchanting outdoor attractions.

Biking Trails

Henry County has some great designated bike paths — 96 miles worth of surfaced bike trails, in fact — but don’t forget to also travel the exciting back roads!


Grab your fishing gear and head to Johnson Sauk Trail and the Hennepin Canal where stocked bluegill, walleye and crappie can be found or rent a canoe and kayak for your trip.


If you’re all about getting outside, maybe you don’t want to have to come inside at the end of the day. With Henry County’s multiple great campgrounds, you don’t have to.


A popular activity taking hold in Henry County is geocaching. Locations to experience this favorite past time are located throughout the county.

Explore State Parks

It isn’t often you find two amazing State Parks in one area. Henry County is home to both the Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park as well as Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area. Both feature relaxing scenery and are the definition of Illinois back roads. The Hennepin Canal is a 104-mile linear park with rustic views and plenty of places for hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, canoeing, fishing and more. Johnson Park is made up of 1,365 acres and features many of the same activities the Hennepin does, but also includes one the most popular pheasant hunting sites in Illinois. Grab your gear and experience the outdoors in Henry County.

Disc Golf

Golfing doesn’t always involve clubs and balls. If you prefer an alternative, there are plenty of exciting courses throughout Henry County designed for disc golf, too.


Does your idea of “roughing it” involve riding your golf cart off the fairway? Henry County’s golf courses will get you out in the fresh air, but never too far from indoor comforts.


Featuring the longest snowmobile trail in Illinois, the Hennepin has 91 miles on the tow path. Cross-country skiing is also another winter favorite.


Relax in the summer sun at any of our Olympic-sized community pools.