Millions of Geocaches Around the World and in Henry County, too!

A popular activity taking hold in Henry County is geocaching.  Geocaching is the outdoor adventure of hunting for and finding hidden objects by means of GPS coordinates. Locations to experience this favorite past time are located throughout the county.  Finders seek the thrill of the hunt to find hidden treasures and maybe learn something about their surroundings.  Some caches may be in plain view, while other take some navigation.

How do I Geocache?

Anyone can Geocache. To start your adventure, simply visit to learn “How To” and  set up a free account. This site will give you guidelines on how to properly Geocache and coordinates to areas within Henry County to begin your journey.  Happy Hunting!

Currently there are nearly 2.5 million geocaches in the world and 6 million people who hunt for them! Henry County has there fair share, with more caches being added continually.

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